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How do I return an item?

Refund/Return Policy:
We will gladly accept returns at the customer's discretion, within 30 days of purchase, provided the product is returned to us in the same "new" condition as it was shipped. You will need to either contact us via email, telephone, or by written letter, enclosed in the return package explaining why the product was returned. Orders returned by fault or decision of the customer, (including but not limited to...Customer ordered wrong item, Customer changed mind, etc.), will be given a refund on the product price only, minus a 15% restocking fee. Shipping and return shipping charges will NOT be refunded in these instances and are the responsibility of the customer. Returned orders shipped under our "Free Shipping" promotion will have all shipping costs incurred by Novosel Enterprises deducted from the product price refund. Understand we will go to great lengths to fill your order accurately and as fast as possible, and once an order is shipped, those shipping charges are non-refundable and go directly to the carrier delivering the package. Please be sure your order is correct prior to placing it to ensure a smooth and timely transaction. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products or ordering process, feel free to contact us first and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and walk you through the ordering process.
Orders returned due to fault on the part of Novosel Enterprises, (including but not limited to...Wrong item shipped, Order sent to wrong address, etc.) will be given a full refund including all customer paid shipping charges.


See below for our procedures on orders damaged during shipment. We recommend, but do not require, you to get in touch with us prior to returning an order for any reason. Prior contact allows both parties to understand the nature of the problem and reach an amicable solution before action is taken. We do understand that from time to time orders will be returned and/or exchanged, and we wish to avoid any misunderstandings and hurt feelings on the part of our customers regarding their order.

Damaged Product Policy:
Damaged orders MUST be reported to us within 48hrs of delivery. We cannot accept claims for damaged product weeks after delivery has been made. Please check your order carefully upon delivery. While damaged orders are not something that we deal with in large numbers, we do understand that parcel shippers can be less than respectful to packages entrusted to them for delivery. Damage claims are considered on a case by case basis and will be processed through the company who handled the shipment. We may have you return the product to us at our cost or we may issue you a credit and have you dispose of the product at your discretion. DO NOT accept a package delivered to you that has excessive damage to the outside packaging. If possible, inspect contents before accepting delivery to protect yourself. If package was delivered when no one was home, contact us immediately and hold onto all packaging and contents. We will need as detailed a description as possible to the extent of the damage so that a claim can be processed quickly through the responsible party.
DO NOT return an order at your expense without prior contact with us. Doing so does not guarantee you will receive a full refund and you're only rewarding the shipping company by paying them to return an order they damaged in the first place. This makes damage claims harder for us to prove to the shipper and may cost you all or part of a refund that should have been due to you. We understand that orders damaged during shipment are not the customer's fault, however we cannot be held responsible if the customer does not adhere to the procedures set forth above when dealing with damaged shipments. While we only handle a few damage claims each year, most claims filed are settled to the benefit of the customer when the above procedures are followed. These procedures are for your protection as much as ours.

If you need to return an order, please include a copy of your order invoice so it can be properly processed, and return to the following address:

Novosel Enterprises LLC
1245 Main St
Oberlin PA 17113