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Seed Starting Supplies

          We carry a comprehensive line of seed starting supplies!  Everything you need to start a few plants for your home, or a few thousand for your business.  Seedling trays are by far the most efficient way to start large numbers of plants in minimal space.  All of our seed starting supplies are compatible with 1020 standard products, unless otherwise noted.  We offer a wide variety of greenhouse kits, to provide proper germination for your seeds.  Our seed starting supplies are priced economically enough to be disposable, but if handled with care, can be reused multiple seasons.
Propagation Trays
Propagation Trays Propagation trays are an ideal way to plan out your greenhouse's bench or shelf space to get the optimal number of plants going at once.  Also known as "prop-trays", most of these seed starting supplies are designed to fit right into any standard 1020 seed flat, making them extremely versatile.  Several sizes of these trays also make exceptional flower pot trays.
Seed Trays & Flats Seed trays, flats, & inserts, available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to suit any grower's needs.  These seed starting supplies are perforated for easy transplanting, and priced economically to be disposable.  Seed trays and seed flats make up the backbone of most greenhouse operations so why not use the same products that the pros use!
Plug Trays
Star Plug Trays
Plug trays are extremely durable and efficient seed starting supplies. Plug trays maximize bench space by putting large numbers of starter cells in the space of a standard tray. These plug trays are manufacturered with "root ribs" on the cell walls that help promote downward root growth.  Plug trays will get you the most plants per square foot of bench space. Plug Trays
Star plug trays are available in just about any size and configuration that you could ask for.  Made with the same durability you've come to expect from other plug trays, these trays are produced in depths that can't be found in other styles.  Start your seedlings off right with strong and healthy plugs!  Star plug trays are a great product for beginning and expert gardeners alike. Star Plug Trays
Greenhouse Kits
Seed Starting Kits Greenhouse kits are ideal seed starting supplies for small to medium sized growers, looking to propagate large numbers of plants in limited space.  These kits are made from durable plastic, and with proper care, can be reused again and again, season after season.  All you will need to replace every so often is the insert! - Order Online or Toll-free 1-888-285-5879 - We accept Fax & Mail-in Orders