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Plastic Flower Pots

          We offer a complete line of Plastic Flower Pots!  These pots are commonly referred to as thinwall pots, or traditional pots.  These plastic pots are the most widely used containers throughout the nursery industry.  Manufactured to be both durable and economical, the products below are the same line used by both professional and hobbyist growers alike.  Available in a wide range of sizes and depths, you are sure to find a plastic flower pot suited for your application.
Azalea Pots
Bulb Pots
Azalea Pots           Azalea Pots are one of the most economical pots you'll find anywhere!  With their unique 3/4 height, azalea pots require less soil than most square or round plastic pots.  These azalea pots are the perfect choice when you need durability and flexibility, without the added cost of most retail plastic pots.
Bulb Pots

          Plastic Bulb Pots are the ideal choice for any plant with a shallow root system!  Plant various bulbs into a single pot, and create a stunning display that's guaranteed to impress.  Bulb pots are a favorite of orchid & cactus growers everywhere!  With their 1/2 depth, bulb pots require even less soil than azalea pots of the same diameter.

Square Pots
Round Pots

          Square Pots are the ideal choice when bench space is limited. Their design allows for a tight fit between pots, reducing water waste and maximizing bench space.  Square plastic flower pots hold more soil than a round pot of the same size, allowing plants to grow longer before needing transplanted.

Square Pots
          Round Flower Pots are the industry standard for full depth greenhouse and nursery pots.  These round plastic pots are ideal for perennials and other plants that have a robust root system.  With a soil capacity approx 20% less than square pots, standard pots will save you money! Round Pots - Order Online or Toll-free 1-888-285-5879 - We accept Fax & Mail-in Orders