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Seed Packet Closeout!

We have marked down our remaining seed packets to near cost just to move them off our shelves. Limited quantities per variety and all are first come first serve so get your seeds today!

Alyssum Sweet Wild Annual Seeds Azura Round Planter Arizona
Alyssum Sweet Wild Annual Seeds
Price per Packet $0.75
Azura Round Planters Arizona
Price per Pot $22.57
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 6-8"
  • These low, spreading plants grow quickly with an abundance of flowers. Like its name, the clusters of tiny white flowers will sweeten any garden with fragrance. Excellent for beds, edgings, in-between other flowers, and as accents in containers.
    Sow seeds directly in a sunny location after all danger of frost has passed. For earlier flowers, start seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost. Lightly rake seed into soil and moisten. Shear plants to keep flowers coming and to prevent legginess. Blooms until frost.

  • These pots measure 15.25" (39cm) diameter x 9.75" (25cm) height.

  • The capacity of these Azura planters is 4.23 gal / 16.91 qt / 16 L

  • Knockout holes in the base of the planter allow you the option of drainage when used outdoors.

  • The Azura Round Planter manufactured by DCN Plastics is absolutely stunning!

Black-Eyed Susan Vine Annual Seeds 5" Wooden Plant Markers
5" Wooden Plant Markers
Price per Marker $0.09
  • Type: Tender Perennial
  • Height: 4-6'
  • Colorful orange or yellowish flowers, each with a black center, cover this tropical vine all summer. Plants twine and easily grow up low fences and trellises, or trail from hanging baskets and pots. Usually grown as a warm-season annual in cold winter areas.
    Select partial/full sun location and direct seed 1-2 weeks before last frost; or sow indoors 6-8 weeks earlier. Before sowing, soak seeds in warm water for 24hrs. Firm soil over seeds and keep moist. When plants are 6" (15cm) tall, fertilize and provide support for climbing. Avoid transplant shock by planting 2 seeds per pot and do not thin.

  • These wooden plant markers measure 5" long x 5/8" wide.

  • Best for use in your field or garden.

  • Biodegradable, sustainable, renewable, and environmentally friendly plant markers.

  • For best results, use a fade and water resistant garden pen.

Azura Square Planter Olive Gypsophila Babys Breath Annual Seeds
Azura Square Planters Olive
Price per Pot $20.82

  • These pots measure 15.25" (39cm) diameter x 12.25" (31cm) height.

  • The capacity of these Azura planters is 5.20 gal / 20.79 qt / 19.67 L

  • Knockout holes in the base of the planter allow you the option of drainage when used outdoors.

  • The Azura Square Planter, manufactured by DCN Plastics, is absolutely stunning!

  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 10-12"
  • Airy Baby's Btreath has almost no foliage, but the delicate, well-branched stalks produce clouds of small white flower. Annual Baby's Breath is lovely in the garden and a standard, long-lasting filler in fresh bouquets. Plant Baby's Breath where it will grow; it doesn't transplant well.
    Direct sow outdoors after danger of frost has passed and soil is warm. Prepare soil with compost, sow seed and lightly cover with no more than 1/4" of soil. Plant in a sunny, well drained location. Sow every two weeks for multiple flushes of light airy blooms.

Limited Time Offer!

4.33" Jiffy Pots

Price per Case $189.36 Limited Quantity Available!
4.33" Jiffy Pots

  • Bulk Case of 4.33" Jiffy Pots - Quantity: 960 pots

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