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Seed Packet Closeout!

We have marked down our remaining seed packets to near cost just to move them off our shelves. Limited quantities per variety and all are first come first serve so get your seeds today!

Blanket Flower Perennial Seeds Sunflower Autumn Beauty Mix Annual Seeds
Blanket Flower Perennial Seeds
Price per Packet $0.75
  • Type: Perennial
  • Height: 18-24"
  • Blanket Flower is naturalized throughout the U.S. A native of the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, it is able to produce an abundance of flowers through the heat of a dry summer. A good choice for cut flowers, the tall slender stems carry brilliant 2-4" diameter blossoms with spectacular coloring.
    Blanket Flower thrives in sun and heat. Avoid planting in wet areas. Mix seed with a cup of sand, broadcast, and lightly rake for good soil contact. Keep moist until established. Divide clumps in spring or fall after two or three years of flowering.
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 5'-7'
  • This unusual sunflower features colors which vary from deep yellow to gold and from brick red to burgundy, as well as bi-colored flowers with yellow on red, or brown on yellow! The semi-double flower, 5"-7" in diameter, are carried on a lush 5'-7' tall, branching plant, which provides flower on good stems for bouquets.
    Select a sunny or lightly shaded location and plant outdoors, where plants are to remain, after all danger of frost is past. Sow in good soil, provide moderate moisture.
Cleome Four Queens Mix Annual Seeds Lupine Russell Mix Perennial Seeds
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 3-6'
  • Cleome's tall plant has a large, open airy flower with a strong scent that blooms throughout summer until frost. Four Queens consists of Rose Queen for rose; Violet Queen for royal purple; Cherry Queen for a cherry red, darker than Rose Queen; and white Helen Campbell.
    Plant in full sun, no less than 1/2 day sun in well drained soil about the time of last frost or start indoors 4-6 weeks before. Encourage flowering by cutting off spent blooms flowers before they set seed.
  • Type: Perennial
  • Height: 24-48"
  • Lupins' handsome plants bear tall graceful spikes of flowers in a wide range of colors. Outstanding mixed beds, when massed by themselves or for backgrounds. Excellent for cutting.
    Select a sunny or lightly shaded location with well-drained soil. Plant after all danger of frost is past, or during the summer for blooms the following year. Cultivate soil, firm over seed, keep moist. Nick or file seed coat lightly, or soak seeds in water overnight before sowing. Remove old flowers. Mulch to preserve moisture, cool roots, and to protect from severe winters.
Strawflower Tall Mix (Helichrysum) Annual Seeds Godetia Annual Seeds
Godetia Annual Seeds
Price per Packet $0.75
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 2-3'
  • Commonly known as strawflower, helichrysum is easy to grow and provides 2" / 7 cm. flowers from midsummer to fall for fresh and dried arrangements. These plants thrive in hot, sunny spots. 
    Select a sunny location and plant outdoors after all danger of frost is past. For earlier blossoms, sow indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost. Firm soil over seed and keep it moist. Cut flowers just before the center petals open, strip off the foliage and hang in small bunches upside down in a dry, shady place.
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 12-24"
  • Stunning azalea-shaped flowers smother the 15" tall plant in late spring through mid summer.  Godetia prefers cool moist soil and can be planted in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked.
    Select a sunny location (tolerates light shade) with good drainage and plant outdoors as soon as soil can be worked.  Cultivate soil and firm over seed, keeping it moist.  In frost-free areas, seed may be planted during fall or winter.

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4.33" Jiffy Pots

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