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Seed Packet Closeout!

We have marked down our remaining seed packets to near cost just to move them off our shelves. Limited quantities per variety and all are first come first serve so get your seeds today!

Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds Dill Long Island Mammoth Herb Seeds
Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds
Price per Packet $0.75
  • Days to Maturity: 58
  • Like many open-pollinated varieties, Detroit Dark Red was an heirloom once, back in 1892. Since then Henry Ford built factories on gardens around Detroit, and Detroit Dark Red was picked up by the seed trade to become the standard garden beet. The 2.5" to 3" diameter globe-shaped roots are solid and show little zoning. DDR stores well and resists Downey Mildew.
    Plant in a sunny location as soon as soil can be worked in spring. Repeat at 3 week intervals until late summer. Beets prefer cool weather and moist soil. They are most tender and sweet at 2" diameter or less.
  • In olden days, dill was called "the meetin' seed" because it was given to small children to chew on during long sermons. Today, dill is still one of the most popular herbs grown in home gardens. Long Island Mammoth seeds are the best variety for pickling, and the delicate foliage is excellent fresh or dried for garnish, sauces and dips, baking, and with eggs and fish.
    Select a sunny, protected location with well-drained soil. Sow seed after last frost. Dill does not transplant well. Support plants with stakes if necessary. Separate seeds from heads by shaking in a bag. Use leaves at any time while they are somewhat dry on the plant, snip off the seed heads, and invert them in a paper bag and shake the seeds off.
Blanket Flower Perennial Seeds Honey Select Hybrid Sweet Corn Seeds
Blanket Flower Perennial Seeds
Price per Packet $0.75
  • Type: Perennial
  • Height: 18-24"
  • Blanket Flower is naturalized throughout the U.S. A native of the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, it is able to produce an abundance of flowers through the heat of a dry summer. A good choice for cut flowers, the tall slender stems carry brilliant 2-4" diameter blossoms with spectacular coloring.
    Blanket Flower thrives in sun and heat. Avoid planting in wet areas. Mix seed with a cup of sand, broadcast, and lightly rake for good soil contact. Keep moist until established. Divide clumps in spring or fall after two or three years of flowering.
  • Days to Maturity: 79
  • This 2001 All-America Selections winner has 25% super sweet kernels for extra sugar and 75% sugary enhancer kernels for sweet and creamy tenderness. AAS winner are significantly better than other similar varieties, and Honey Select is no exception. Along with great flavor, Honey Select has excellent vigor.
    Plant in full sun after last frost when soil is warm. For pollination, sow seed in blocks of at least 4 rows side by side. Plant at least 4 rows weekly until mid-summer for a long harvest. Cultivate weekly or mulch to control weeds. Keep soil moist. Side dress with high-nitrogen fertilizer when plants are one foot tall. Pick ears when soils turn brown and ears are firm.
Dill Bouquet Herb Seeds Coreopsis Double Sunburst Perennial Seeds
Dill Bouquet Herb Seeds
Price per Packet $0.75
  • This attractive, easy-to-grow annual has pleasing aromatic seeds and young branches to flavor pickles, sauces, soups, stews, and many chicken, lamb and fish dishes. Grows 3-4' / 91-122cm. Tall.
    Select a sunny, protected location with well-drained soil. Sow seed after last frost. Dill does not transplant well. Support plants with stakes if necessary. Separate seeds from heads by shaking in a bag. Use leaves at any time.
  • Type: Perennial
  • Height: 18-30"
  • Coreopsis' bright golden blossoms are carried on graceful long stems throughout the season. Coreopsis will provide superb cut flowers through summer's heat.
    Select a sunny location with well-drained soil. Plant as soon as the soil can be worked. For earliest blossoms, sow indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Plants may also be started in summer, up to 2 months before the first frost. Cultivate soil and keep moist. May be grown in infertile soil. Pick flowers to prolong blooming period. Don't water or fertilize heavily.

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