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Seed Packet Closeout!

We have marked down our remaining seed packets to near cost just to move them off our shelves. Limited quantities per variety and all are first come first serve so get your seeds today!

Zinnia Whirligig Annual Seeds Sunflower Teddy Bear Annual Seeds
Zinnia Whirligig Annual Seeds
Price per Packet $0.75
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 20-30"
  • Zinnia, Whirligig is sometimes called Peppermint Stick. The uniquely striped pattern on the petals makes Zinnia, Whirligig Mixed Colors an eye-catching accent in the garden. Great for cutting.
    Select a sunny location with rich soil and plant after weather warms. For earlier blossoms start seeds indoors 5-7 weeks before setting out. Pinch young plants for denser foliage and more blooms. Remove spent flowers.
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 3'
  • These easy to grow plants thrive in poor soil and produce beautiful, fully double, almost furry, golden-yellow flowers on a dwarf plant. The flower are striking in the garden and are excellent for bouquets.
    Select a sunny or lightly shaded location and plant outdoors, where plants are to remain, after all danger of frost is past. Sow in good soil, provide moderate moisture.
Hollyhock Indian Spring Annual Seeds Lupine Russell Mix Perennial Seeds
  • Type: Annual
  • These old-fashioned single and semi-double flowers in shades of rose, pink, and white reach a height of 5' and are outstanding in a background or bed of their own. Some hardy biennial hollyhocks don't bloom until the second year, but Indian Spring is an annual so it blooms the first season and produces seed for the next year.
    Select a sunny location and plant in well-drained soil after all danger of frost is past, or during the summer for blooms the following year. Plants often reseed themselves. For extended life, cut stalks off at their base after blooming. Feed every spring.
  • Type: Perennial
  • Height: 24-48"
  • Lupins' handsome plants bear tall graceful spikes of flowers in a wide range of colors. Outstanding mixed beds, when massed by themselves or for backgrounds. Excellent for cutting.
    Select a sunny or lightly shaded location with well-drained soil. Plant after all danger of frost is past, or during the summer for blooms the following year. Cultivate soil, firm over seed, keep moist. Nick or file seed coat lightly, or soak seeds in water overnight before sowing. Remove old flowers. Mulch to preserve moisture, cool roots, and to protect from severe winters.
Sunflower Sunspot Dwarf Annual Seeds Marigold Crackerjack Mix Annual Seeds
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 2'
  • Sunspot is an easy-to-grow garden beauty. It's stalk, just two feet tall, is ideal for low borders and small gardens, and makes a great foreground companion to taller sunflowers. Sunspot bears a big 10"-12" diameter flower head filled with edible grey-striped seeds. Especially appealing to children of all ages.
    Select a sunny or lightly shaded location and plant outdoors, where plants are to remain, after all danger of frost is past. May be grown in containers, 2 plants per 5-6" pot, or 4 to 5 plants per 12" pot. Height in containers us usually reduced to about 15".
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 30-36"
  • These carnation-like flowers often exceed 5" / 13cm. in diameter on 2-3' / 1m. stems. Colors include yellow, gold and orange. Marigolds grow quickly from seed and bloom continuously, summer through fall.
    Select a location with full sun, or at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Sow seeds after all danger of frost is past. For earlier blossoms, sow indoors 5-6 weeks before last frost. One application of fertilizer 3 weeks after plants are established is adequate. Flowering-size plants may require support during rainy weather.

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4.33" Jiffy Pots

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