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Seed Packet Closeout!

We have marked down our remaining seed packets to near cost just to move them off our shelves. Limited quantities per variety and all are first come first serve so get your seeds today!

Marigold Crackerjack Mix Annual Seeds Cosmos Sensation Mix Annual Seeds
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 30-36"
  • These carnation-like flowers often exceed 5" / 13cm. in diameter on 2-3' / 1m. stems. Colors include yellow, gold and orange. Marigolds grow quickly from seed and bloom continuously, summer through fall.
    Select a location with full sun, or at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Sow seeds after all danger of frost is past. For earlier blossoms, sow indoors 5-6 weeks before last frost. One application of fertilizer 3 weeks after plants are established is adequate. Flowering-size plants may require support during rainy weather.
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 4-5'
  • Cosmos blooms throughout the summer producing large flowers with broad fluted petals and delicate, feathery foliage. Cosmos is easy to grow and long lasting in bouquets.
    Select a sunny location with well drained soil and plant after all danger of frost is past. For earlier blossoms, start indoors 5-7 weeks before last frost. Do not overwater and do not fertilize.
Sweet Delight Honeydew Melon Seeds Morning Glory Tall Mix Annual Seeds
  • Days to Maturity: 90
  • Honeydew lovers look no more!  Sweet Delight delivers better taste, sweeter flavor, more uniform, and larger fruit - 6 lbs. - than other open-pollinated types and most hybrids.
    Select a sunny, well drained location and sow seed in late spring when the soil is warm.  For earlier crop plant indoors 4 weeks earlier.  Pick when the blossom end is slightly springy when presses and a sweet aroma develops.
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 10-15'
  • One of the most popular flowering vines, these produce a profusion of 4" (10cm), trumpet-shaped flowers that are indigo blue, maroon, and white. The attractive, dark green foliage is very dense, making vines useful for covering trellises, banks, and tree stumps.
    Sow seeds in a sunny location 1-2 weeks before last frost, or indoor 6-8 weeks earlier in peat pots. Soak seeds in water overnight, cover with soil and moisten. Plants tolerate a wide range of soil conditions and are drought resistant.
Cosmos Bright Lights Annual Seeds Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds
Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds
Price per Packet $0.75
  • Type: Annual
  • Height: 2.5'-3'
  • Few plants grow as rapidly as cosmos, and fewer still offer such graceful flowers. 2.5' to 3' tall, uniformly growing plants bloom throughout the summer, bearing a profusion of intense semi-double flowers. Foliage is delicate, feathery green. Useful as a background, border, and as cut flowers.
    Sow seeds in a sunny area after all danger of frost is past. For an earlier start, sow seeds indoors 3-4 weeks before the last frost. Lightly cover seeds and keep evenly moist. Plants flower earlier and more freely if soil is fairly dry and not particularly fertile. Plants are heat resistant, easy to grow, and will tolerate crowding.
  • Days to Maturity: 60
  • The Buttercrunch variety produces a larger rosette of crisp green leaves than Bibb and is slower to become bitter and go to seed (bolt).
    Plant in a sunny location in early spring as soon as soil can be worked.  Repeat at 2 week intervals.  Grow lettuce in partial shade in mid-summer, again in full sun in fall.  Lettuce needs rich soil and moisture.  Firm soil over seed.

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4.33" Jiffy Pots

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